FAQ's - Got Questions? We Got Answers!

How much does it cost to hire you as our wedding photographer?
Every wedding is unique, so we have a great selection of packages to fit your needs. Our packages start at $1995 and they include plenty of time, a wedding album, engagement session, and a host of other options. Please contact us for more details.

Do you travel for wedding photography?
Yes! We love to travel. We are worldwide and will travel (almost) anywhere. A lot of the weddings we photograph occur outside of London, in towns like Exeter, St Thomas, Ingersoll, Tillsonburg, Woodstock, Strathroy, and even Toronto. For travel outside of London, there is a travel/mileage fee for locations 100 km or more (round trip) from our office. For destination wedding photography, please contact us for more information.

What separates you from the hundreds of other wedding photographers in London?
We focus our attention on creating unique, one of a kind stories for our clients.  We want your images to be breathtaking and awe-inspiring.  Let's face it, you are looking for professional photography because you want a way to cherish your memories in the best way possible, which means that your photographer has to convey emotion and be a skilled story teller in every aspect of his or her work.  We are constantly finding new ways to create beautiful images for our clients, as well as provide them with the highest quality albums, canvas, and signature prints that are available in the photographic industry.  In addition to that, we believe that when hiring us, you are developing a relationship with us that will last for years.  We want to be more than your wedding photographer.  We want to be your friend and lifestyle photographer.

How would you describe your style of wedding photography?
Our style is modern, non-traditional, and fuses fashion based dynamics with candid photo-journalism.  Our number one goal is to create extremely artistic images that you cannot get anywhere else, along with a story that when viewed, will make you feel an emotional connection to your imagery.  Our style is unlike any others, and blends creative off-camera flash, with beautiful natural light.  Our clients get a diversity of images.

How many photos do we get from our wedding?
You'll get between 500-800 images from your wedding day. If your package includes a 2nd photographer, you will receive a lot more.

Can we print our own wedding photos?
Yes, of course! All of our packages include high resolution images that are print-ready. You will also receive low resolution images that are great for emailing and web use (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc). We also offer professional printing services on a variety of high quality photo paper, and products such as metal, wood, and acrylic.

Are your prints better quality then what we can make at a lab or warehouse store?
Absolutely!  We print on Fuji Pearl paper or Kodak Endura® Metallic photo paper.  Our images go through a strict colour calibration process using special hardware to ensure colour accuracy, as well as optimal sharpness and colour vibrancy.  Images printed at a consumer lab or warehouse store are digitally re-rendered because these printers are made to print from unedited images.  We recommend purchasing large prints from the studio.  

Why should I print my wedding photos?
One word: Obsolescence! Floppy disks, CD's are all items of the past - how many laptops come standard with a cd/dvd drive these days? Not many. Technology changes so fast nowadays, that JPEG files may not even exist in 10 years time. There is also a good chance of data loss because the digital photos are just that, they are bits of information that can become corrupt at any moment or you'll throw the disc in a drawer and forget about it. To me, that is a huge waste of great memories. Want to make sure your photos survive your lifetime, and even longer? Then print them out - there is something very special about holding a physical photograph in your hand, rather then looking at it on a screen.

Do you require a deposit to book our wedding?
We require a specified retainer and a signed agreement to secure your wedding day.

Do we have to pay our entire balance up-front to book our wedding with you?
No, with an exception to last minute bookings, we require a specified retainer up-front to secure your wedding day.  Afterwards, your balance is due within 30 days of your wedding day.  You can break payments up over that time any way you would like.

How long after our wedding will we receive our images?
It takes approximately 6-8 weeks to get the final images. Due to the artistic nature of wedding photography, completion dates are tentative; however, every effort will be made to remain within schedule. We want to deliver the perfect product to our clients! We will schedule your in-studio proofing/ordering session, as soon as your photos are ready, for you to view your photos and view your storybook design.

Do you retouch our images?
Yes! Every image that we give to you, in our top 2 packages - Black Label & Platinum Collections, goes through colour & tonal correction. The Silver Collection includes your digital negatives. Images chosen for an album or wall art may receive additional creative edits at the photographer's discretion.  We are a full service studio and we give our clients a final product.

Do we get an online wedding gallery?
Yes! Every package includes a password-protected online gallery that is very easy to share with family & friends.

Can you help us create a wedding album?
Absolutely! All of packages include a 30-page wedding album. They are all of superior quality, and made of a variety of different materials. We would love to show you samples when you come over for your consultation. 

Can I remove the wedding album from the package?
You can remove the album, but the package price won't change! Our packages are album-based and are heavily discounted up to 50% off. We strongly recommend an album as it makes an excellent keepsake, and family heirloom that you can pass down for generations!

Do you have a photo booth?
Yes, we have an open concept photo booth that we would love to bring to your event. You will get the digital files posted to an online gallery within 24 hours. We have lots of fun props to choose from so you can showcase your fun side!

What if it rains on our wedding day?
Well then... You are in luck! Isn't that what they say? If it rains on your wedding day, we will still shoot in the rain or we will find a location that has cover.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept certified cheques, cash, e-transfer, and all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Does your studio have backup equipment?
Yes, we have backup cameras, lenses, and lighting all equal in quality to our main systems.  This ensures we can capture the wedding moments regardless of any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.  In addition,  we back up your images to three hard drives.  We understand the importance of these photographs to you, and as professionals, we want to make sure that they are secure.  We are also fully insured.

What is a "Signature Edit"?
Think art work!  Mood, impact, connection, and a storyline - we take a photo from your wedding day and completely alter the image, creating something that is very unique and different. We want to create a special piece of art work for you and your home!

What is a bridal session?
Bridal sessions are a southern tradition where the bride takes portraits (typically 1-2 months before the wedding) in her full wedding day attire – hair, makeup, jewelry, veil, bouquet, and of course, the dress. This session doesn't just have to be the bride - it can be the couple in their bridal attire on a day other than their wedding day. These types of sessions can take place before or after the wedding. The concept may be a little untraditional, but it can also be the perfect solution for couples struggling with how photography will play a role on the wedding day.


Have more questions? Contact us at info@arthurkorbielphotography.ca or visit our contact page.